Eviction Diversion

Welcome to the Eviction Diversion Program

The aim of the Eviction Diversion Program (called “EDP” for short) is to bring together the landlord and tenant to discuss compromise so that an eviction can be avoided. A neutral third party (the EDP Navigator) helps the two sides work together. As a subrecipient of Collier County,  Housing Development Corporation of SW Florida, Inc. (HELP), will service as a neutral third party (the EDP Navigator) to help the two sides work together.

EDP tries to settle a dispute before an eviction is filed. If an eviction is filed, EDP can help resolve the case without going before a judge.

The advantages of a settlement include:

  • the tenant avoids a judgment appearing on the record.
  • the landlord receives the delinquent rent sooner rather than later.
  • there is no need to bring witnesses.
  • both sides avoid the time and cost of going to a trial.

If the landlord and tenant reach an agreement through EDP, the EDP Navigator will put it in writing for all parties to sign. It is enforceable.

Important points to consider:

  • Participating in EDP is free for both the landlord and tenant.
  • A corporate party can appear at EDP without attorney representation.
  • You can participate in EDP via Zoom or telephone.
  • The EDP meeting lasts no longer than 30 minutes.

Be aware:  EDP does not take the place of existing Florida Law on landlord-tenant matters. EDP does not provide legal advice. EDP does not change either of the parties’ other obligations under Florida law. If an eviction is already filed, the tenant should read the summons carefully to know what steps should be taken to protect your rights.

Tenants are encouraged to apply for rental assistance that may be available.

To be referred to the Eviction Diversion Program, complete and return the EDP Referral Form.

For more information about the program or to schedule a session, please contact:

Dan Paul, dan@collierhousing.com, (239) 434-2397 ext. 203

Michael Puchalla, michael@collierhousing.com, (239) 434-2397 ext. 205

En español, Marie Gonzper at marie@collierhousing.com, (239) 434-2397, ext. 204.

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